Science Nation

From the National Science Foundation:

“The National Science Foundation (NSF) today released the first in a series of video programs called Science Nation, which examine breakthroughs and the possibilities for new discoveries about our planet, our universe and ourselves. The video series is being created for NSF by former senior science producers at CNN, including Peter Dykstra and Kate Tobin.  Each program features a two-minute and five-minute version.”

“The first episode, [Extremophile Hunters below] released on June 1, focuses on what we can learn from organisms that can live and thrive in frozen deserts or steaming-hot volcanic vents. These “freak” organisms may offer clues about possible life away from Earth.””Upcoming shows include:

• Tornadoes: research into perfecting how to anticipate tornadoes, and save lives in the process

• Artificial Retina: a totally-blind woman whose sight is partially restored through what is essentially a bionic eye

• Hydrogen Cars: advances in someday finding the “Holy Grail” of hydrogen-powered vehicles

• Cleaning up Rural China: coal-based cookstoves rule in rural China–an American grad student has potential solutions

• Greenland Ice Cores: research into ages-old ice cores from Greenland could preview what climate change may mean for us”

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Google Earth Outreach Layers

From Google: “An overview of layers featured on Google Earth created by nonprofit organizations in the spirit of the Google Earth Outreach program.”

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NASA Satellites Aid in Chesapeake Bay Recovery

By studying the landscape around the Chesapeake Bay, NASA spacecraft are helping land managers figure out how to battle the harmful pollutants that have added to the destruction of the bay’s once legendary productivity.” More information at:

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